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HM Govt aren't the only ones to lose things

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HM Govt aren't the only ones to lose things

Postby ruggie » Wed 21 Apr 2010 17:57 GMT

From GSMA Mobile Business Briefing, which I receive regularly:

This week the industry has been awash with stories concerning the discovery of a new iPhone, purported to be the version Apple is expected to unveil in June. According to the stories, Apple's next-generation iPhone is thinner than the 3GS, owing to smaller internal components. The phone also sports a front-facing camera for video chatting, different volume and power buttons, a flash for what looks like a larger camera, a secondary microphone for noise cancellation and what seems to be a higher-resolution display. Further, the phone is squarer than the current iPhone and has a glass or ceramic backing. Apple has asked for the device back, after it was apparently lost in a bar.
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Postby Dave » Wed 21 Apr 2010 18:45 GMT

For a moment I thought you were going to be talking about the briefing a Lib Dem staffer had prepared for Nick Clegg and then left in a taxi - eventually it found its way to The Sun, who returned it to the Lib Dems.

Nick Clegg had the grace to joke about it in his press conference this morning - "as you can see, our staff are already well prepared for government". :lol:
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