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Living in NZ? Missing M&S undies?

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Living in NZ? Missing M&S undies?

Postby rhea- intimo » Fri 23 Apr 2010 08:56 GMT

Hi Ladies!

Happy St Georges Day!

I'm a Pohm who has been living in NZ for a few years now but has just moved to Christchurch and would love to get to know some new people!

I am a lingerie consultant and would love to arange a get together over a coffee/glass of wine and to show you my lovely range... I promise it is just as nice as Marks and Spencers!

Would anyone be interested in meeting like minded Brits living in the area and sprucing up their lingerie draw at the same time?

Let me know your thoughts ladies!

Rhea :)
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rhea- intimo
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Postby Kay » Fri 23 Apr 2010 11:44 GMT

My thoughts are that you should read forum guidelines before posting.

a) your first posting is to promote your own business

b) you're in the wrong place - even if we did allow such blatant self-promotion (which we don't), this would have belonged on our New Zealand forum not here.
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