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UK Number & Skype

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UK Number & Skype

Postby calracq » Mon 17 May 2010 00:17 GMT

Hey there~ I am foreigner who met a guy online months ago, he said he is originally from Greece and lives in London now for work. He has 2 numbers, with a mobile number (No.1) and I'm not sure for other one (No.2).

He called me always, but my phone either shown 'private call' or number of No.1. And, there are some weird scenarios everytime when I tried to call him through these number.

a). Firstly through Skype, Skype said "it's not possible to connect the call, please try again later" with No.1, and it shows "you are not allow to make the call" with No.2....

b). Secondly through IDD card, I just couldn't call in with IDD card to those numbers....

c). Thirdly call directly through my mobile phone, still the same problem with No.1, but I am able to call him to the No.2 number....

d). And, he is able to receive sms and sent me sms with the No.1 number (primary number).....

Two of my friends sent me sms before through Skype, and the number shown as "+44203xxxxx91".... For this guy, the No.1 number is "+44754736xxxx" and the No.2 number is "+44703186xxxx"......

Because of the calling issues above, I am started suspect that are the 2 numbers are Skype-in number, or are that really UK number? This friend said he is coming to my country for holiday and plan to drop by and visit me as well. Just wondering are these 2 numbers are valid UK number as I am suspect the validity though.....

Well, I know I shouldn't trust a netfriend easily and it's always not a good idea to meet up with him, but just wanna seek a way to verify my problems, and need to hear what you guys think bout those numbers~ I sincerely hope that you guys can help me~

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Postby Dave » Mon 17 May 2010 02:32 GMT

Both numbers look like UK mobile numbers to me, although I couldn't tell you which operating service. The UK reserves numbers beginning (0)7 for mobile use.

As for the other one, that's a London landline number - the code for London is (0)20 plus eight digits (usually beginning with a 7 or 8, but nowadays increasingly beginning with a 3 as well, as in the case you mention here).

Obviously I can't advise you on trusting your netfriend - but I'm sure you already know there's plenty of advice available on the Web about safety precautions you can take. Good luck!
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Postby calracq » Mon 17 May 2010 03:10 GMT

Hi there... The (0)2 that you mentioned is actually what shown on my mobile, with texts that sent from Skype (well, maybe Skype is a UK based program? I don't know)..... but as what you said that (0)-7 is reserved for mobile, so I believe that 2 numbers are mobile numbers, but really wondering what I only able to call JUST one number, with direct calling from my own mobile.....

As for the trust and safety, there are numbers of cheating cases around, but I also believe there are real cases as well (as it happened to me several time).... I think I am a risk taker perhaps.... lol~ but, well, at least I think I am pretty rational in bout searching information in things that I am unsure bout it.... At least, I know I am not going to transfer money to unknown person if he or she asked so, which basically cheating cases happened with money cheating......

Thank you so much for the replied anyways~ have a nice day~
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