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I want to look like Kate Middleton

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I want to look like Kate Middleton

Postby Kay » Tue 26 Apr 2011 11:05 GMT

Gee, I hate going to the hairdresser. I've managed to avoid it for a couple of years by letting it grow long, so now I look like a witch unless it's all scraped back in a tight bun. But it was too long to manage so I had to bite the bullet and go. We're currently on holiday in Bangkok.

"What style would you like?"

"Oh, I don't know. Just make me look like Kate Middleton," I joked.

Giggles all around from the shop staff.

:shock: The woman actually did quite a good job of giving me a kind of Kate-style do. I never expected that. :lol:

BTW, the hairdresser was recommended by an elderly gentleman who sports the Bobby Charlton sweep-over look, so I didn't have a great deal of optimism about the result. Just like our American friend who recommended a dentist to us as being completely painless. Nice recommendation but he wore dentures! (Actually that dentist is very good.)

Well, I don't know if I'll be mistaken for Kate Middleton, I'll let you know if it happens.
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