Health Care in Myanmar

Health Care in Myanmar

Postby Maung Maung » Mon 17 Apr 2006 22:06

It's primitive to say the very least!

There is only one internationally recognised clinic here and that is run by AEA/SOS International. Please note that this is a clinic!

If you have a BUPA or PPP health insurance plan for an expatriate, this is the place you would go for treatment. I would strongly suggest anyone who has such a plan ensures that they have the "medivac" option. They have what they need to stabilise someone before sending to Bangkok or Singapore for proper medical treatment.

The AEA/SOS clinic is located at Inya Lake Hotel (run by the Dusit Group from Thailand) in case anyone needs to find it. You can walk in and pay cash (US$) if you're not a member.

The local private hospitals are quite frankly appauling. I could cite several horror stories of operations gone wrong etc but suffice to say you really don't want to be going there unless you really have to.

Most of the private hospitals claim some sort of international affiliation but it's basically untrue. Foreign doctors are unable to get a licence to practice and are merely given 'advisor' status. It's all about protecting the jobs of the local doctors (if you can call them that!). AEA have some foreign doctors working there including a Canadian one who heads the operation.

Should you find yourself going to a local 'private' hospital/clinic, you will most likely be charged in US$ or FEC, a standard FEC25 fee in most cases but you're better off paying AEA/SOS US$50 instead.

As far as jabs are concerned you should really consult your own doctor about this but if they say you should have Hepatitis B, then have it, it's endemic here.

There have been some nasty cases of malaria and dengue fever as well, precautions should always be taken, even in Yangon.

Many of the prescription drugs that are sold here are not up to scratch. Many expatriates purchase their prescriptions in Bangkok.
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Postby Kay » Mon 17 Apr 2006 22:27

Thanks, that very useful.

As for dengue - we lived in an area (in Delhi) previously where we were well warned of the dangers and we shrugged it off - it wouldn't happen to us. Then we moved near Pattaya, where of course it doesn't exist -officially. And we got it. It's nasty!

All the things you speak of are bl**dy awful to deal with. But having personal experience of dengue :shock: it's something that everyone should avoid at all costs.

I'm still interested to visit Myanmar so I hope you'll stay around and keep giving us info. :)
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