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Another Brit in the Philippines

Another Brit in the Philippines

Postby Relofils » Tue 20 Jan 2009 10:32 GMT

I thought I would post my twopenny worth on this site. My name is Ronnie Simpson, a Brit through and through, from Southport in merseyside. I lived there all my life up to 3 years ago when I emigrated to Christchurch. New Zealand. I married a Britsh girl there but she turned out to be a complete nutter and made my life unbearable.

New Zealand is a fine place but they dont take kindly to us Brits going over there, buying there houses and taking their jobs. Some have a huge chip on their shoulder. Its also a huge step down the quality ladder from England. There is a recession happening there now.

Which brings me to the Philippines. During my 2 years of separation I joined various dating sites and met a wonderful woman, a filipino, name Irene, and decided to move lock, stock and barrel nearly 4 months ago.

We are now married and settled in Tagaytay, about 2 hours from horrible
Manila. Manila is a place to avoid, its just a place to land the aeroplane. Its the major airport. I could say more but might get into trouble.

We live in Tagaytay, very much less polluted, greener, quieter and very scenic. Overall, very pleasant place to live. Houses are affordable to the foreigner, where your money goes a long way.

The philippines is very different, it takes a lot of getting used to, driving for one is a nightmare and you need eyes in all areas of your head. The highway code as we know it doesn't exist.

I dont want to spend my time knocking the country , its pretty close to third world, but in some ways it is worth the effort getting here. The majority of the people are friendly, i havent seen any foreigners here in Tagaytay but we are spread around the islands. Its more Americans than British here.

I am now retired but have set up with my wife a real estate business, where we aim at assisiting the foreigner from english speaking countries in buying a house or condo and advising on any marriage arrangements.

I've been away from England for close on three years but i am afraid i dont really miss it. I miss my family but thats it. I try and keep in touch with all the football results, my beloved Liverpool FC, and here on cable TV i can watch the highlights or if i am up during the night the whole game.

I want to say hello to all fellow expats wherever you are, if in the FILs then say hello......
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Postby Graeme » Tue 31 Mar 2009 05:20 GMT

Welcome to the forum Ronnie, I hope you will make lots of useful and interesting posts. Make sure you read the posting guidelines before you post though, as any blatent adverts (like your last one) are sure to be either deleted or find their way to the spam dump. You can certainly have your web site or your link in your sig at the bottom of your post but out and out adverts will not be allowed...unless of course you would like to buy one for a very small but nevertheless important fee.

Hungry for magazines from Britain? Visit the main web site at and satisfy that craving!
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Postby philj » Sat 22 Aug 2009 08:59 GMT

hello Ronnie,
you are in Tagaytay and havent seen any brits???
there is a large community of expats there.
where do you live?
have you seen the "british bulldog sports bar"?
its located near the casino and mushroom burger!
at the other end of town just past the rotonda (roundabout) going to santa rossa, there is the greek restaurant say hello to Manos the owner for me.
we have a mens night where we meet up at a bar on a wednesday evening just for a social.
try "Ano?" bar ( near picnic park) run by an aussie, but we dont hold that against him. always some expats in there, they have a scouse musician (Joe) some weekends aswell.
the reason there are so many expats there is the lack of traffic jams and pollution and the weather is is cooler than the low lands!
hope this helps
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Re: Another Brit in the Philippines

Postby arje06 » Sat 22 May 2010 05:11 GMT

[quote removed by Site Admin - please don't reproduce previous posts in their entirety needlessly. Read our guidelines. Thanks. - Dave]

I really appreciated all the things you said about the Philippines Ronnie. I am glad to know that you found your true love and your happiness here. It is true that Tagaytay is an unpolluted place in the Philippines because of many trees that are there and the government which is really supporting the place.
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Postby neil369011 » Mon 17 Jun 2013 10:36 GMT

Hello Ronnie,
My name is Neil and I too am an british epat and have been living here ( Manggahan nr General Trias for nearly 6 years.I also have a Filipino wife as we were married here ( a lot cheaper than England).My wife has been to England once although it did take nearly 7 mnths to get a 1 yr spouse visa ( lot of paperwork & money).I now have Permanent Residency here although I did think about dual citizenship,but no (more money).I do drive and its true what you say that there is no "Highway Code" here.We have a business here which includes 2 sari-sari stores,a meat/water delivery service & a water station ( mineral & purified.I have been back once to England to see family and friends ( on my own) and I still do miss them as well although they are connected to F/B.
If you would like to get in touch at anytime then just email me on Look forward to hearing from you.
Take Care & God Bless
Neil & Lani Slade
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