Spare a thought for this noble cause...

Spare a thought for this noble cause...

Postby Clarisa » Fri 05 Jun 2009 12:44

Hello Everyone,

I am Alan and I am new to this place. Recently while surfing the net I came across a site [link deleted]. They're working in partnership with [deleted] to enable rural communities in Ethiopia to access clean water. I found it to be a really noble cause and thought of sharing it with everyone... You can check out this site and can also help these people get clean water, through your contribution. I feel contribution irrespective of big or small always counts... even a true wish counts.
So why not spare some time for this noble cause...

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Postby Kay » Fri 05 Jun 2009 13:06

Hi Alan

Welcome to the British Expat forum.

I've deleted your advert. Noble cause or not we don't allow adverts - please read our forum posting guidelines - we also ask that newbies don't post links to other sites.

The British Expat Forum already supports several worthy causes. It would have been polite to ask us if we want to support this one too before promoting it in your very first posting.

Other than saying that your name is Alan, you haven't introduced yourself or said anything about you or what you do, you've made no contribution to our community. You've just used this place as a free advertising medium. How can you expect people to be interested in helping you or the cause you're promoting?
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