Kumasi ..... Should We or Shouldnt We

Kumasi ..... Should We or Shouldnt We

Postby Pete_hastie » Mon 29 Sep 2008 21:27

It would appear that there may be a good chance i am about to find myself in a position where i will be offered a good job in Kumasi I'm 28 years old with a wife and daughter of 10 months. we are finding the decision on wether a move to kumasi would be a good decision for us for a few reasons. first of all there is the fact my daughter is only 10mths old and i worry about her adjusting to the heat and also things like the medical facilities out there. if youhave medical cover from your employer are there good hospitals and doctors on hand ? also the risk of maleria on her ??? i also have a disabled father who would be wanting to come and spend several months of the year with us at the risk of cracking an un-intentional funny how would a man with one leg in a wheelchair get on in kumasi lol ?
if any of you have ever lived there any information like what is the quality of living out there like ? are there many pubs and chances for us to meet other expats ? what are the houses like in the expat areas ? is it same to live in kumasi ? is there much to do there on evenings and weekends etc ?
i'm sooo confused! any help and advice would be of great help! if you think you could offer me any advice please feel free to e-mail me. PJHastie@Hotmail.com
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