Info request accomodation Angola

Info request accomodation Angola

Postby johnd » Wed 25 Jul 2007 14:58

Hi, I am looking to relocate to Angola around the end of October, can anyone offer me advice/costs on rental accomodation for one or two bed apartment, My plan is to look for rental accom in the lobito/benguela area where I have worked in the past, but I would aso consider luanda.
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Postby eviep » Wed 29 Aug 2007 07:12


Accommodation within Luanda is expensive, the new developments are extortionate.

I did hear that nationals can rent a 2 bed apartment in luanda for about $150 per month, not sure where or how safe that would be. We have just rented a 3 bed bungalow on a new development and the rent os $17000 per month, furnished - havent seen the furnishings yet as we took it empty - and the landlords want a year up front

not sure if this helps or hinders..

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Atlantico Sul

Postby chrisc » Sun 13 Apr 2008 16:55


I am considering a position in Luanda and although I have lived in Ethiopia I think Angola sounds more challenging! I have a wife and two children, aged 6 and 5 and need to be sure they would be safe and enjoy the experience.

I have heard that one of the most desirable places to live would be a compound called Atlantico Sul, although I also know this to be extremely expensive and don't know yet if the company would stretch to it (it is not an oil company!). Does anyone know how I would find out if there is are any houses even available on this compound or alternatively can anyone recommend other suitable places to live and again, how I would find out if there are places available?

I am also interested to hear from anyone with similar aged children on their experience in the country.

One final question - does there happen to be anyone there with an interest in astronomy who could advise me if it is possible to observe safely away from the inevitable light pollution of Luanda?


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