Petroafrica & a possible move ...

Petroafrica & a possible move ...

Postby TT-Kira » Thu 24 Jul 2008 11:57

Hi I'm new here ...

A bit about me, I'm 39, Irish (hope you don't mind me joining you!), female & have lived abroad for years, mostly in Asia but currently in France. I have travelled extensively overland in Africa, more recently W.Africa

I'm talking to this company about a job in Angola.

Does anyone know of them? Their professionalism? Accomodation they offer? Anything good or bad would be welcomed to form an impression.

As for being female & single - what kind of life could I expect in terms of meeting others ...

Costs seem to play a major role in Angola, I'm used to eating cheaply in Africa and don't usually frequent supermarkets that much ... is there a way to keep costs down?

I have a cat who would come with me ... import issues?

How much French is spoken? I'm fluent in French & English and understand from someone who occasionally contracts in Angola that there is a large French influence there .. my Portuguese is almost non-existant bar a few words I've picked up in Brazil & Guinea Bissau!!! :)

Any other advice would be welcomed!

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Postby dangermouse » Wed 27 Aug 2008 11:54


Asked around the office and no-one's heard of Petro Africa so can't offer much advice there.

Your life here in Angola will depend on a number of things - firstly where in the country you're going to be based.

I'm based in Luanda, so the rest of my info assumes you will be to.

There are any number of ways to meet people here, there's an active facebook group who meet regularly, there is normally at least one ex pat party a week, there are many bars that are quite safe to go to etc.

You will need transportation though, there are no taxis here and walking isn't recommended - I assume you'll have a driver and car through Petro-Africa though.

Food prices here are astronomical - $12 for a cauliflower $10 for a cucumber etc - it is possible to buy things cheaper on the street, but the cleanliness and provanance of the purchase cannot be guaranteed.
Food and rent are the 2 major expenses here.

I believe that it's possible to bring a cat with you, I think a colleague of a friend here did that, but I'm not sure how.

There is French spoken - particularly among those working for Total, however you will need either English or Portuguese in the main.
The more off the beaten track you go restaraunt wise, the more you'll need Portuguese.
There is a company here that will provide lessons if Petro-Africa don't.

Main advice would be to make sure that you are provided with transportation and decent accommodation whilst you are here.
You must ensure your accommodation has a/c, water storage and a backup generator at the very least.

Any other questions, please feel free.
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