Is it safe for women to drive in Luanda?

Postby Teo74 » Fri 10 Feb 2012 18:11

Hi everyone, I am moving to Luanda in 2 months. I have read that traffic is horrible over there, but is it safe for a woman to drive? I was recommended to get a driver? is it really necessary? Thanks
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Postby dangermouse » Wed 04 Apr 2012 09:47

Driving in Luanda.... hmm, an interesting proposition.

It depends on where you're used to driving to be honest, if you've spent time in the Middle East or India then Luanda will be a walk in the park, if you've only ever driven on well maintained, well signed and well lit surface streets in the US then not so much.

Personal safety wise, the main parts of the city are OK, take the usual precautions (don't talk on your cellphone, hide your laptop / valuables, keep the doors locked etc and you should be OK.

There are few road signs in Luanda and traffic signals are routinely ignored, drink driving is endemic and maintenance of vehicles is patchy at bset.
That said, I know a number of ex-patriate women who drive themselves without any bother and I wouldn't bat an eyelid at doing so either.

If you're based in Luanda Sul then you'll be fine, traffic volumes are lower there and there are signs and lights etc.

Get yourself a decent 4x4 and make sure that you keep your wits about you, merging into traffic is an art form in Luanda and something you'll have to learn!

Best of luck, it's a great city.
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