Hi to fellow Brit/Aussie Expats

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Hi to fellow Brit/Aussie Expats

Postby Brock » Mon 22 Jun 2009 17:19

I am a fellow expat living here in Pennsylvania in the good old US of A. However, unlike most, I am crazy enough to be doing this for the second time. I moved from the UK in 87 to Melbourne and became a citizen of that wonderful country. I moved to Sydney in 93 and then, being a little stir crazy, moved to the US in 2008. However, I walked into what has been called the perfect storm, especially as my background is in financial services!!!!!

I am hoping to develop some contacts of people who are also going through the cultural ‘adjustment’ of living here. Having done this twice I actually started a blog on the subject and am happy to share the details with people if they are interested.

I am interested in conversing with fellow British/Aussie expats who are enjoying the US but finding it “different”…..
I am a two time expat, having moved to Aus in 87 and then to the US in 2008. Interested in meeting other expats & sharing experiences of how different living in a ‘similar’ country really is.
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