info on saudi arabia

info on saudi arabia

Postby joanne richardso » Mon 18 Jul 2005 13:24

hi my name is joanne,
Just wondering if anyone can help. My husband has been offered a job in Saudi Arabia with the view to us moving out there- us being myself and 2 year old daughter.
I just need as much info as possible.
If anyone can help it would help me make a decision.
joanne richardso
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Postby TheFamilyHearld » Fri 05 Aug 2005 04:24

Hi Joanne,

I lived there for five years so if you have any specific questions you want to know then fire away.

It would be impossible to give you all the information because it might not be of interest to you; you may already know things that I could tell you and so it would be a waste of time really.

Also, if you have certain questions, we can post them here in the forum and others would then have the benefit, rather than answering the same query over and over again to different people.

Have a think about what is really important to you and the area in which you would be living and I'll be happy to answer any direct questions.

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