Living in Denmark

Living in Denmark

Postby britindenmark » Sun 10 Oct 2004 19:25

:wink: Hi all, just found your website seems to be every country apart fromn Denmark, would love to be in touch with other brits living here, (to see if they struggle with the language too :shock: ) Husband fluent and my little girl is picking it up at school but would love to hear from other brits, can anyone help? :idea:
love to hear from anyone
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Postby Rich » Mon 11 Oct 2004 16:26

Nej, jag kan ikke talet Dansk. Det är en djävul Språk!

Welcome to the boards! I don't live in Denmark (but just over the bridge and up a bit in Skåne), but spend alot of time here and do some work there.

I know a few Brits in Denmark (plus some kiwi/Boks etc), and some have got the language sussed, but most struggle along or haven't even bothered really trying...
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Great to see a mention of Denmark!

Postby scoutingsquirrel » Mon 04 Sep 2006 09:41

Hello, We are just in the process of moving to Aalborg in Northern Jylland after several months of husband commuting weekly and short stays over there.

I was just web-searching for the British Ladies Club as a friend is a member in Luxembourg, only to find that that club appears to be only in Luxembourg and the British Women's Club appears to be only in Dusseldorf ....... Oh well!

Husband is working for Texas Instruments in Aalborg (though their Nice office have asked for his CV as well) Myself and 17 month old son and 17 month old Golden Retriever are his entourage! I was a teacher before baby and was planning to set up a childminding business but this was delayed by some stru ctural work on our Surrey home. Haveing sorted all that out and achieved a beautiful new shower room we are now looking at letting the house out, but never mind!

I'm looking for contact with other British families in Denmark, and happy to share moans and advice about the language!. I'm also looking for where we might find an international tax advisor, or particularly a Danish and UK tax advisor and the sort of financial advisor who can suggest the best way or organising different aspects rather than just struggling through it as best we can as we are doing at the mo. Any ideas?
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