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Does anyone know Greenland well? It is, along with Scandinavia and Iceland, the country that fascinates me most on this planet. I hope to live and work in the nordics soon enough, but I think Greenland may not be realistic in terms of work because it's a very restricted employment law and a country with very little 'normal' enterprises, so I am realistic enough that Scandinavia is a better option for jobhunting. Still, if not for moving up there, I'd love to extensively visit the place.

Does anyone know Greenland a bit? Or does anyone know where to get in touch with Greenlandics or expats in Greenland to talk about the country and get a clear image of what to expect?

I am mainly up for the capital Nuuk (which is the only settlement distantly close to a 'city') but also Upernavik, Thule and Qanaaq seem very attractive places to spend some time.
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