Any Brits out there?

Any Brits out there?

Postby Aly T » Thu 10 Apr 2008 12:27

Hi folks,
Have been in Denmark nearly a fortnight now. CPR numbers have only just come though; so no language class yet - or job! Living in Billund as hubby working for Lego. Have 2 boys aged 6 + 4. Would love a natter with anyone as bored as me!
Aly T
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Postby Kay » Thu 10 Apr 2008 12:48

Hi Aly

Nice to "meet" you. Maybe it's time we started a BE board for Denmark.

I've never been there but have met a few Danes on my travels. They seemed like they were pretty good fun people.

If you're bored and you have an Internet connection - which you obviously do - there's loads of things you can do. Meet new people, online courses, etc, etc. The Internet is a fantastic resource for those of us who might feel a bit isolated sometimes.

Good luck! :D

You said that your husband works for Lego. That sounds interesting! Of course, it's more important to know what YOU are going to do with your time. What are your interests? What might you like to do?
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