Wiganers moving to Brisbane!!

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Postby raccoon » Wed 20 Jun 2007 22:21

Hi there
Been mad busy sorting out the house as we exchange contracts soon.
Just got the shipping to sort out (any recommendations?) - we've looked at PPS , Britannia and Pickfords.
We'll be over in Brisbane just after Christmas. We're staying with in-laws to save extra cash :shock:
We like the sound of Stafford Heights - so any information on things like education, gym and recreational facilities would be most welcome. How intense is the heat out there? is it true about it being up to 42 degrees in summer?

Take care and all the best.

Chris, Jo and Ethan
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Postby poll » Mon 23 Jul 2007 06:21

Hi racoon form Wigan, Im from Prescot.

Been here 18 months now, we started off in Brisbane, staying in a guest house for 6 wks, we have never been here before but after a good traveling round to Gold Coast, Wynum, Redcliffe, Mango hill, Strapthpine, Everton park, Cabulture and loads more, we came across the Sunshine Coast - Maroochydore. Maloolaba, Buderim, Mountain Creek etc etc. Which is an hr from Brisbane City.

What are your reasons for going to Brisbane ????

There is plenty of work for carpentary/joinery here, we have met a joiner and his family here and we have become very close friends, they are from Manchester.

Here on sunshine coast you have one of the best beaches in Australia.
In the city or suburbs of Brisbane you dont really get access to proper beaches.

Just thought id let you know abit about sunshine coast.

Any other questions ill be glad to answer
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Postby MrBoosh » Wed 25 Jul 2007 03:15

Hi Racoons,

i think all those you mentioned are good shipping companies, we decided in the end to sell everything and buy new when we first arrived, all depends on how valuable your furniture is, ours wasn't so we got it on ebay, carboots etc. we did quite well in the end, and it was such a nice feeling when we arrived to buy ecerything brand new.

As per comments from poll, the sunshine coast is really nice, my brother-in-law lives up there and we travel up there quite often, but it would be worth looking around as many areas as you can, there is probably more work available in Brisbane, and my best suggestion for you would be to find a job, then find a home in that area, or at least if there would be parking or good public transport, as i mentioned on previous posts, i work in the middle of of CBD and stafford heights is 30mins on the bus (northside) but there are loads of suburbs around that sort of distance north and south.

any more questions just hive us a shout!
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Postby blindsfactory » Thu 30 Aug 2007 19:08

:D Hello Racoons from wigan!

AS you can see we don't live a million miles from you either (despite being saints fans we are very sociable!). We are currently awaiting our business visas (meds and police checks done and ok).

As we are going over to establish a business in Oz we have decided to go to Brisbane which due to its higher population, hopefully gives us a lot of scope for establishing customers. Any recommendations of areas very welcome.

When we did our reccy we absolutely loved Maloolabaa on the Sunshine coast but it is perhaps a little too quiet for us but an ideal retirement spot :lol:

We hope to be over by Jan 08 and will be putting our house on the market next week. Very excited... and very very nervous. Would love to keep in touch with all willing to reply.

Best regards to all,

PS. Don't buy any blinds for your new properties until we get over...??!!!
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Hello from a Wiggen lass

Postby I want to build » Thu 08 Nov 2007 03:52

hello from another Wigan lass,

I am on the Sunshine Coast and hubby is a Joiner/Carpenter, there is plenty work on both coasts and Brisbane.

The coast is quieter, but the lifestyle is different.

I am happy to answer any questions as I know the areas well.

I want to build
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Postby I want to build » Thu 08 Nov 2007 05:29

Hi sorry I forgot to say,

We have been here 4 years and are citizens now, I work In Brisbane CBD. My friend is a chippy in Brissy and there is plenty of work, but there is too on the coast.
I want to build
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