Thinking About Taking a Job In Georgia

Thinking About Taking a Job In Georgia

Postby diggingnow » Fri 12 Dec 2008 02:06

Between now and the first of April 2009 I should know whether or not my company will be moving me to the Republic of Georgia. I currently live in the US in Nevada. My husband is retired and will be accompanying me. I've had a awful time trying to find everyday information about living in Georgia (Tlibisi) and it looks like this site is trying to get started. Can anyone who lives in Georgia help with some questions. 1) How safe to get around in the city or parts of the country? 2) My husband golfs and I know one small course started, but what else can he do during the day when I'm at work? 3) What are some things that I should bring that are difficult to buy in Georgia? 4) How accessible is "English" television (also for the hubby). 5) What about groceries and other shopping. A million more questions, but this is a start. Thanks for any help.
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