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some general info

some general info

Postby Windall » Wed 31 May 2006 14:57 GMT

hi all,

I am considering submitting my resume for a senior postion for a bank Almaty in and was hoping i could get some general background on life. My main concerns areas follows
* Personal safety
* General living conditions
* general comments on spending 2 years there

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Postby HesitationKills » Fri 16 Jun 2006 03:03 GMT


I just moved to Almaty a few weeks ago and I can give you some first impressions -

- very picturesque with the snow-capped mountains visible wherever you are in Almaty

- downtown is quite polluted as the mountains stop the air circulating

- personal safety fine, I have taken the bus and walked around town with no problems

- accommodation pretty expensive - expect to pay about $4k-$6k per month for something nice if you want a house, maybe a bit less for an apartment

- airport is modern with KLM, Lufthansha,BA and Air Astana servicing a number of routes. Air Astana are modernising their fleet and are good if expensive

- English is not widely spoken here, Russian language definitely an advantage

- I was told the standard of driving is terrible but I've seen a lot worse

- Lots of leisure activities to pursue, ski-ing seems to be the favourite and there is a golf course here among other things

Overall I think its a great place but as I said I'm new here but there are a lot of long time residents I have spoken with who also like it here.....
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