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Pregnant Expats in Kazakhstan

Pregnant Expats in Kazakhstan

Postby scmk1 » Sun 30 Nov 2008 14:49 GMT

Recently discovered I am pregnant out here in Kazakhstan and I was just after some advice and information on giving birth in Kazakhstan.
Confused and currently in 2 minds as whether to return home or not.
Thanks guys
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Postby jem81 » Thu 2 Jun 2011 13:13 GMT

Hi there scmk1,

I know this was posted a while ago now, but just wondered how you got on with your decision to have your baby in Almaty or return home?
I am in a similar situation and would love some advice!!

Thanks :)
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Postby KazakhMan » Thu 14 Jul 2011 21:06 GMT

I know of an expat family who's newborn child was contracted a virtually untreatable infection at an Almaty maternity hospital ("роддом"). As the result, the poor child is severely disabled for life. Mind you, this was the best hospital and they paid $$ for a special service during the pregnancy and birth. No money in the world can buy professionalism and adequate medical equipment in a place where they hardly exist.

Most pregnancies and deliveries are routine. However there are others that require highly qualified and knowledgable OB's, surgeon's and/or NICU pediatrician's involvement during and after delivery. Kazakhstani doctors and nurses might be okay for a more or less routine experience, but be totally unhelpful or criminally negligible in a more complicated case.

Every pregnancy is different, and, God forbid, what if...

I personally wouldn't recommend risking the well-being of your future child and yourself and hop on an airplane home while it's possible (up to 6 months into pregnancy?) to entrust your new child's birth into the hands of a world-class healthcare system only.

Well, I've heard numerous happy birth stories in Kazakhstan from expats. But even a 0.1% risk is far too high in a matter of your child's life if you ask me.
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