Canada Announcements

Atlantic coast or Pacific coast? Prairies or cities? So many choices in a country of Canada's size... why not post here and discuss the options with others?

Canada Announcements

Postby Kay » Tue 07 Nov 2006 10:23

Don't forget to check the Announcements board regularly (it's near the top of the page) for announcements relating to Canada - cheap flights, city guides, etc.
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Postby carolinedraper » Tue 19 May 2009 21:51

I have set up individual stickies for each Province. The idea being that from now one there is one general place to go to learn about that specific Province e.g Weather, schools, places to eat and areas to live.
HOWEVER please note that specific questions relating to the Province e.g. What is it like living in or near so and so street do not go under this heading. That should have its own topic. This rings true with questions relating to specific schools and schooling rather than just general based questions - these specific questions must go under the section for schools.

Hope that you all get the idea.

Just to recap
1/ General questions and info relating to the Province go under the Provincial Sections.
2/ Detailed and specific questions MUST go under their own heading or on their correct board.
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