Vancouver/Richmond Where to Live?

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Vancouver/Richmond Where to Live?

Postby the_garrochs » Sat 09 May 2009 08:28


My husband has just been offered a job in Richmond. We are a family with 2 children 5 and 3, and a dog.

I am trying to find good family friendly locations (with good schools) within an hours commute. Would it have to be in Richmond or are there areas of Western Vancouver that would be commutable to Richmond?

Its difficult to get the commute times from looking at a map.

Which real estate agents would you recommend.


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Postby Kay » Sat 09 May 2009 11:50

Hi Becky

Welcome to the British Expat forum.

Please don't ask for recommendations for estate agents and similar commercial companies - it only encourages spammers and people doing self-promotion. For more details and for our posting guidelines, please read the stuff contained near the top of the page entitled: IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING.
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Postby jessica » Sat 09 May 2009 12:49

if you go on and find the town you're planning to live in / around, then you can research properties and prices. That way you can find estate agents too. Pick one and ask them tons of questions.

Try to avoid signing contracts for exclusivity straight away, but go with someone who's prepared to help you openly and without tieing you down.

Do you intend to buy immediately? - as it may be worth renting for a year and getting a feel for the area and pinning down where you wnat to live and what kind of house you want. Choices here are quite different from teh UK - from different kinds of "condo"s and enclosed communities to detached houses in the middle of nowhere.

Googling the town can also help you find local estate agents.

Good luck.
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Postby anon7656 » Sat 09 May 2009 13:21

Found this the other day, really interesting, some/most may disagree but at least its something: ... d1=a&sc1=6

Good news is that Burlington, Oakville and Guelph all places we have looked at on our visit in feb score well. Always nice to know hat others agree!

Nothing like this for UK places.....not that would make interesting reading to compare with Canada!
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Postby carolinedraper » Sat 09 May 2009 14:11

Thanks Kay, been busy so only just saw this.

The article is a good starting point. Where we live is too small to be on there, yet we have a $100m creative rural economy and have been voted Canada's gastronomical capital. So spreadsheets need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Look at those cities and places then travel 30 mins outside those areas to get a feel.
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Postby joelietz » Wed 07 Jul 2010 22:41

If you plan to work in Richmond you can live in Richmond or many areas of Vancouver. Delta is a community very close to Richmond that would be a very short commute for you but there is plenty of housing/rentals available in Richmond. Alternatively, you could live in Downtown Vancouver or Burnaby and commute into Richmond. Your biggest challenge will likely be finding affordable rent if you plan to rent. House prices are very high in Vancouver so unless you have a well-paying job and money behind you, that may not be an option. Vancouver is a very nice city though and I hope you enjoy your stay. Good luck.
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