Atlantic coast or Pacific coast? Prairies or cities? So many choices in a country of Canada's size... why not post here and discuss the options with others?


Postby carolinedraper » Tue 19 May 2009 16:50

I ask that any one living in ON to feel free giving their general perspective.
Thank you.
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Postby tigger » Mon 15 Jun 2009 19:24

What a great idea to split this into provinces - :)

We like the fact it is near a big airport. We like the location we live - Barrie which is 45 min north of Toronto. We like the fact when people visit there are lots of places to go - for young, old, near and far that should give people a real sense of having a taste of Canada (and they can look after themselves!!) We chose it because it is less flight time to the UK too and easy to pick visitors up. Our families are back in the UK so the journey back to the UK if needed in a hurry is not a bad one... for us that is important with elderly relatives...

Ontario will have as much to offer as other provinces - I think it is a matter of what you are looking for mixed with what feels comfortable...

Big factor - we looked at the west coast but it rained the entire time we were there! I think some other provinces we ruled out due to lots of rainfall and fog. We chose 4 seasons with a good olde winter!!! Yes you get snow - but if you embrace it - it is bearable (says she after only one!). We love the autumn so having a good splash of colour helps - but again I think you get that everywhere. We like to be near water so being near lakes was important to us.

Being near the border - as most are is a bonus. Travel is easy and roads are big - some are only 'A' roads in other provinces and take ages to get around so we do like easy access to big cities and cottage country.

Some talk about different sports and that plays a factor in where you live. Hubbie likes to fish and we like the outdoors (though are not fanatics). Space is plentiful and the mix of water sports and woods suits us. You can do most things here including skiing and skating, camping and fishing... Maybe we don't have the mountains - but I am a little scared of brown bears!!!

Well you can't beat the west coast - lol!!! Each province has such a different perspective and all are just soooo gorgeous - from the seaside and pastoral landscapes of PEI to the coastal lines of Vancouver and the gorgeous prairie lands... I don't know! It depends what you like! I don't know if Ontario would win all of the pretty awards but certainly historic places like Ottawa and 'up north' it is stunning...

So we thought there were lots of jobs and that is perhaps not the case so much in Ontario - sadly other provinces win out... You have to live near a big city to get work and everywhere is not safe... I know some provinces are much worse off so it is definately worth researching job availability...

We have met lots of lovely folk wherever we have gone so I can't say much on that. We are not city dwellers and find the big city a nightmare to drive in and it is not to everyone's taste - but we don't go there much. We prefer smaller townships and everyone seems okay with us invading so far :wink:

For us why Ontario won...
At the end of the day we did actually stick a pin in a map! (really we did)
I lived in Ontario as a child and maybe that had something to do with it. We also went where the job was and looked Canada wide for this. The cost of housing and cost of living seemed to vary so that made some decisions - as for getting back to the UK if needed - a consideration.

The pin in the map worked - I don't think I have ever lived somewhere that has felt so at home. We know Barrie has a reputation for 'being in a bubble' and having 'harsh' winters.
We like the bubble and the relaxed pace - the snow meant we tried things we have never done before (and according to my hubbie - ice fishing in a tournament with no tent is something he'll NEVER do again!!!)

Enjoy Ontario - they say it is your's to discover - and we are enjoying doing just that!

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