recce to halifax

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recce to halifax

Postby lorna999 » Mon 23 Nov 2009 23:54

Hi Guys... Just wanted to post my excitement. Have just booked our flights for first recce to nova scotia. Are flying out mid january.. so will get to see it in all it;s winter glory! Have started to make a few arrangements and appointments with realtors and prospective employers etc. Also need to have a good look at different areas and schools etc.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on the 'must do' list when on a recce. I would hate to miss out on something obvious and then realise half way through the flight home. (that would just be typical of me!)

I have a potential job in halifax, so are looking at all the surrounding commutable areas. Any advice would be gratefully received!
thanks in advance
p.s.. busy looking at potential hotels/b&B in halifax... any one got any favourites? So maany to choose from
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Postby Buddyboy » Fri 27 Nov 2009 14:30

Good luck on your trip, Lorna, and beyond. I suspect you'll love Halifax. Though we spend some time there, we are in another part of the province so can't give you much detailed advice. You will be visiting at a quiet time of the year, few tourists, cold weather, etc. Nonetheless you'll have plenty to see and do. I suggest you take a look at the public transportation system - you can do that before you come re routes to prospective living places. Traffic here is likely far less than you are used to. We have our moments but, in general, it's an easy place to drive. Try this one. Stand at a curb looking like you want to cross. I guarantee the traffic will stop for you and ley you cross. It's not the law, just courtesy.

There are various large shopping centres in and around Halifax. About the biggest is at Bayers Lake along Chain Link Drive with big box stores and malls. Take a look there to get a feel of what is and is not on offer. Have a meal at Swiss Chalet there, a popular restaurant chain here which will give you a feel for what reasonable eating out is like, cost, service, etc. Your husband can look through Home Depot next door; he can salivate at the tools and hardware on offer, comparing it to what he is used to.

Can't think of much else specific to your question, but ask if anything else comes to mind.
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Postby Lorry » Fri 27 Nov 2009 17:35

Hi Lorna,

Just to add to Buddyboys coments; Halifax will be very quiet in January, but don't be put off by this because in the Summer it is bustling with people walking along the harbour watching the Cruise ships come in and the other boats come and go, it truly is a gorgeous place to be.

If you are travelling to work on public bus, the best commutable housing areas to Halifax are Bedford & Sackville. Fall River is gorgeous but there is no bus to Halifax from there. Bedford is a lovely town but you don't get alot of house for your money, Sackville is more affordable.

We stayed at the Paramount appartments downtown for 5 weeks after we landed here. We found them to be very comfortable and very convenient to shopping.

I hope this helps. :D
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