Please can you help!!!!

Atlantic coast or Pacific coast? Prairies or cities? So many choices in a country of Canada's size... why not post here and discuss the options with others?

Please can you help!!!!

Postby Hugh Carrick » Fri 08 Jan 2010 11:24

Hi all, we hope someone can help us? We currently live in London and want to move to Canada. We have two children aged 6 and 10, so goods schools are important to us. I am currently training to become a plumber and working full time as a community police officer so somewhere with good job opportunities are vital . My wife is a home based childminder and will be bringing her parents out with us to retire, they enjoy socialising, gardening and trying new clubs and hobbies. We would like warm summers and some snow in the winter- but not too much! Can anyone help us as we are planning a trip in September to view different areas but unsure of the best areas that would suit all of our needs, can anyone help us please? :)
Hugh Carrick
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Postby Dave » Fri 08 Jan 2010 15:00

Welcome to the Canada Forum, Hugh.

I've removed your earlier identical posting - as our posting guidelines explain, we don't allow cross-posting (repeats of the same posting in a different topic) as it simply means that everyone has to read the same thing twice over.

Asking for comments about Canada in its entirety is asking quite a lot - it's the world's second largest country, after all. It might help if you suggested some of the areas you're interested in - I presume you've done some research and have a few possibilities in mind, even if they're still very broad ones. Then others will be able to advise you on how feasible your ideas are.

Good luck with your search, anyway.
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Postby Graeme » Fri 08 Jan 2010 15:02

Warm summers and not too much snow in the winter basically restricts you to the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Victoria or a small area around Windsor in Ontario, the rest of the place is cold and snowy in winter. Job opportunities are difficult everywhere right now, mostly it's what you make of it and how keen you are to work. Better qualifications give better opportunities as well. If I was you I'd plan to visit beautiful BC in september and have a look through the Fraser Valley.
Hope that helps.
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Postby justajester » Thu 11 Feb 2010 01:04

hmmm... this winter we haven't had much snow in central Nova Scotia; it almost seemed like winter would never get here. We have snow now, but not much...only about 4-6 inches. Summers are nice, not as hot as what Graeme gets where he is, though.
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