Vancouver visit prior to posting off PR application ?

Atlantic coast or Pacific coast? Prairies or cities? So many choices in a country of Canada's size... why not post here and discuss the options with others?

Vancouver visit prior to posting off PR application ?

Postby markthevalla » Thu 21 Jan 2010 09:06


I'm new to this forum and already picked up so much info from it.

Me and wife and two kids (5yrs and 2yrs) and two dogs are just starting out with the application for PR. Forms are all ready to be sent with initial payment.

We're considering a short visit to Vancouver in May to check out some places to live.

As with most major cities, I expect there's plenty of decent areas and not so decent areas, as there are with my own (Liverpool).

Can anyone offer some advise on places to check out ?

Initially we'll be looking to rent, hopefully nothing more than $1200/month.

I wont mind commuting 45 mins each way to work (Piping Designer - Oil & Gas etc).

My wife is a BASI L1 ski / snowboard instructor and also a Dressmaker, so 45 mins each way to local slopes is an option.

I'm also BASI L1 qualified snowboard instructor.

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Postby Kay » Thu 21 Jan 2010 09:32

Hi Mark

Welcome to our British Expat forum. I hope someone will be along to help you with your questions soon.

Kay 8)
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