Fed up with current location

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Fed up with current location

Postby markthevalla » Fri 28 Sep 2012 17:40


We've been living in Coquitlam, just a bit higher up from Lafarge Park. TBH we're finding it pretty boring when it comes to having a community feel to the place, neighbours don't mix at all, maybe that's because mainly populated by multi cultures, mostly Asians.

Is there any mostly British/Aussie/Canadian populated areas in the Vancouver area or is all this multi-cultural ? I've read up on other sites that Vancouver is very multi-cultural but easy to settle, but we're not finding it easy to settle....there's just no neighbourhood feel to we're we are.
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Postby Graeme » Fri 28 Sep 2012 19:33

Not really sure about Vancouver but I understand there are small 'British' enclaves throughout Vancouver, you just got to find them. North Vancouver (the British Properties springs to mind) some of the Point Grey areas and Kerrisdale are areas I have heard that there are quite a few Brits in. Best bet is to get involved in Canadian or British sports, go support a Rugby game, Cricket match or soccer. There's some good local hockey and I found once I understood the game a little better and was able to join in on the conversations about sports (as a guy) it opened up a few doors for me. Find a British style pub and see who you meet there. For ladies I'd suggest being involved at schools, resident care homes as a volunteer etc.
Good luck.
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