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Why can't I embed images off other sites in my posts?

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Why can't I embed images off other sites in my posts?

Postby Dave » Tue 4 Mar 2014 03:47 GMT

You can embed images in your posts - provided that:

a) they're your images to embed, and
b) you have control over where they've been uploaded (either your own server, or your own portfolio on a photo sharing service).

Otherwise, please don't. There are two main reasons why we ask you not to.

1. Using images for which you don't own the copyright may be a violation of the copyright owner's rights. If the copyright owner discovers the violation and chooses to assert those rights, it could prove very costly - for you for using the images, and for us for letting you do it. The argument "Well, everybody else does it" hasn't cut any ice in the courts. And we don't have the time or resources to go round checking the rights to third-party images.

2. Embedding an image hosted on someone else's website is a bad idea, unless they've expressly permitted it - and sometimes not even then.
- By embedding an image from someone else's website, you're placing an extra load on their server. If they haven't granted express permission to you to do that, that's theft.
- If they get wise to the fact that you've embedded their image on another site, they can replace the image with something different that could make you and your post look very silly indeed, like an accusation of image theft or a pornographic photo. (There's nothing stopping them doing this even if they've previously said it's OK to use the image in that way. Bad behaviour, but there are some bad people out there. Besides, websites change hands sometimes.)

Please remember: just because someone else has posted something on their own Pinterest pinboard or Facebook wall, it doesn't necessarily mean they have the permission of the copyright holder. And if it turns out they don't have that permission, then you're also violating copyright by reposting the image.
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