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How can I hide my email address from spammers?

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How can I hide my email address from spammers?

Postby Dave » Wed 21 Jul 2004 15:57 GMT

The first thing to bear in mind is that spammers and email address harvesters love fora - especially busy ones - and will pick up any email address they find on them.

We've had reports that this has already happened to some BE Forum members. So please be aware that if your email address is publicly available, then it is possible for spammers to get hold of it.

Your profile settings (link in the page header) give you the option of displaying or hiding your email address. (If you display it, it appears as a small button at the bottom left hand side of each posting you make, like this: Image

To hide your email address from public view, click on the Profile link in the page header, then scroll down to the Preferences section (the third one down), and click "No" against the option "Always show my e-mail address". Your email address will no longer be visible to casual visitors to the site, or indeed to anyone other than Site Admins or the moderator of whichever board you post on.

(NB - The system won't let you delete your email address altogether, because for admin purposes we need to have an email address for you. So please don't try to change your email address to a blank space - you'll just get an error message saying "Sorry, but this e-mail address is invalid.")

If you feel you have a reason to show your email address in a posting, please see Spainboy's useful tip below. Please remember, though, that that will only defeat automated harvesters - it won't stop unwanted humans from working out what your address is.
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Postby spainboy » Sat 24 Jul 2004 19:10 GMT

If you still want people to be able to contact you and send you e-mail
try this,
Since spammers and viruses use a program to hunt and harvest e-mail addresses from newsgroup and forum posts you need to write our e-mail address in a form that will fool these programs no matter how sophisticated they are. Remember, a human is still smarter than an application

So becomes
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