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Cookies for Mac

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Cookies for Mac

Postby Jaymz » Thu 2 Feb 2006 20:45 GMT

Anyone with a Mac will need to do this to solve cookie issues.

I just had the same cookie problem as someone else who just posted. Something about item in browser being too long.

Anyhow, here are the 3 main Mac browser programs and how to deal with cookies.

Also, I can't seem to Personally Message anyonem it keeps saying user not found! Even when I use the special 'Personal Message' button on their posts.

James (I'm not a geek honest)

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 (MacOS X)

Choose Preferences from Explorer menu
Select Receiving Files options
Select Cookies
Select the Cookies to be deleted from the list
Press Delete button

Safari (MacOS X)

Choose Preferences from Safari menu
Select Security icon
Press Show Cookies button
Select the Cookies to be deleted from the list
Press Delete button

Netscape Navigator

Choose Cookie Manager from the Tools menu.
Choose Manage Stored Cookies.
Remove any cookie from the list, or remove all cookies.
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Postby Dave » Sat 4 Feb 2006 04:29 GMT

Many thanks, Jaymz! I'll make this a sticky so that it stays up top with the Windoze/IE cookie dance posting.
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