What to do!!

Have I made the right choice? Homesickness etc.

What to do!!

Postby mercury28 » Sun 03 Jan 2010 18:35

My husband and i and our 2 children, travelled out to Vancouver last January and stayed there for 7 weeks while my husband was searching for a job.

When we arrived home, my husband had a job offer, which our immigration consultant Shadi Norman put in for PNP. We got pnp status in JUNE 09, but couldn't go at that point as my husband had just broken his arm and leg!!

We put in for PR in September, but on speaking with our immigration consultant just before christmas she said she has heard nothing from them. (We read that she should have received some kind of case number from them?) So we are guessing that we are going to be waiting for months and months for PR.

Now we have a huge decision to make, do we up sticks to Pemberton now with work permits, so my husband can start his job, or do we sit in the UK and wait and see if we get PR? my husband is finding it hard to find work in the UK at the moment.

We are slightly concerned that our medicals wont get passed, i have ulcerative colitis and our daughter has a mild heart murmur. So my husband thinks that maybe we could just go out on work permits and stay for a year or so and just have an experience of living in Canada, and if we do get PR while we are there then that would be just fantastic!!

It's very hard to make the right decision, we have 2 children who are 10 and 6 so we need to do the right thing for them too.

Thanks for any advice!! :D
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Postby jan45 » Fri 15 Jan 2010 14:14

yup i am in same boat. do i stay in scotland or move back to canada. i was there for 4 years so kinda know what im in for. its a nice country. big and spacious compared to all the people crammed into our small towns and cities. they dont have knife crime and yobs like we do and canadians are all sickily calm and polite!! . job wise and house wise better opportunities and the summers are long and hot. the country is also very clean . when i moved out there the first time, it took me a long time to settle but i did, (still do) have family close by so it was somewhat less challenging. if scotland could offer me a decent job, was cleaner, less crime then i wouldnt even contemplate going back but it will probably never change for the better. I still am trying to make up my mind about going back but my reasons are different, we have no savings and no house to go to so at aged 45 would be living with my father in law. my independence would be gone. 2 suitcases and would be starting from scratch every way. i guess i am just lazy thinking about it. good luck with your decision.
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Postby SheffieldSteel » Thu 29 Apr 2010 23:51

Does your husband's job come with automatic PR or does he have to do a certain amount of time "in country". There's a big difference and if you're not here in person and he's not working then PR may never happen. I'm a trucker and I had to complete 6 months employment before I could apply.
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