moving to calgary alberta

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moving to calgary alberta

Postby dazygee » Wed 11 Jan 2006 06:10

[color=blue][/color]hi are you moving to calgary? myself ,the wife and two daughters moved here in june 05 we came here with a job offer from a trucking company based here in calgary.they recruited us back in the u.k when the offered us the job we were happy but when we first thought of moving to canada we wanted to go to toronto as we had family there.
but we are here in calgary and we are not disapionted one little bit we love it ,but i will say there are a few people that offer you help for different services like relocating services and realtors. on the face of it they appear nice but it becomes clear after talking to fellow brits afterwards how much it cost them and you can do pretty much everything yourself just by doing a little homework before you leave the u.k.if anyone has any questions please ask we have met a lot of good people who can help and answer some of your questions my advice ask many questions and when you see those adds in canada news and others offering free! services its not always true.i will be happy to pass on contact addresses from here who come highly recomended from fellow brits who have used there services.
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Postby pollywatty » Sun 03 Sep 2006 08:14

Hi my partner & I are moving to Pincher Creek. So when we get there questions may come flooding in hope thats ok? :D
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driving jobs in alberta

Postby cam4475 » Sun 04 Nov 2007 17:55



I have been attempting to move to Calgary. I have been offered a job as a paramedic, and have transferred all the necessary UK qualifications to Canadian standards............but I need a class5 & air brake licience.

However, to take the class 5 test you need to be a resident of Alberta.
Would rather make sure I have this licience before I leave my UK employment.

Any ideas?
How did you get your alberta licience?
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