Where & cost of renting in Vancouver?

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Where & cost of renting in Vancouver?

Postby BiggerFamily » Sun 12 Nov 2006 09:55

Background: We are a married couple with 3 kids (4, 8, & 11) immigrating to Vancouver, BC. There is a job offer. Let's say the salary for Dad is 100k CAD before taxes are deducted. Mum will look after the kids. Now for the questions:
Assuming Dad works close to Waterfront Station then can we assume that using public transport is cheaper & faster than driving to work?
We've read about the rocketing property prices in Vancouver. Whatever happens then we'll be renting for at least the first 12 months. But where to rent? There seems to be two options: (1) Somewhere on the Skytrain route, or (2) Somewhere on the West Coast Express route. Agreed? What are the pros & cons of each route?
Is it realistic for us -- with our financial means -- to be able to rent a 4 bedroom house with yard/garden in a family friendly neighborhood of Vancouver? If yes, then which neighborhood / Skytrain station / West Coast Express station come into question?
Which schools can be recommended? Are there school fees to be paid? Is it realistic that all 3 kids will go to the same school?
Highspeed internet: Is this available in all neighborhoods? Could the service be compromised by living in certain areas?
What are the typical costs associated with renting above and beyond the cost of the rent itself?
Sorry about all the questions but somehow they all have something to do with the neighborhood selection.
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