We're visiting Vancouver on a fact-finding mission!

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We're visiting Vancouver on a fact-finding mission!

Postby Peter&Emma » Sun 15 Jun 2008 08:43

Hi all,

We're finally on the way over to Vancouver on our fact-finding mission for 3 weeks at the end of August/early September. Apart from being our main family holiday (there are 5 of us including 3 young kids), we're really going to find out as much as we can with a view to emigrating there.

We have so many questions to answer, so we thought there's no better place to ask than on this forum, with loads of people that have done this before us. So, here goes:

1. We're trying to decide whether it's best to fly direct to Vancouver, or perhaps to Seattle then drive up. Any views on this?

2. On a similar note, is it better/cheaper/easier to hire a car in Canada or the US?

3. Any problems likely in crossing the border?

4. Accomodation - again, several choices here - hotels, B&B, renting a house/flat. Any guidance or recommendations welcome.

5. Another possibility is hiring an RV and touring around a bit - seems expensive on first investigations though. Worthwhile?

6. Getting interviews whilst over there - Peter intends to knock on a few doors or try to make some appointments in advance - any guidance or experiences to share?

7. From a purely touristy point of view - what is recommended around the Vancouver area? Peter wants to go whale-watching, Emma wants to go bear-watching. Any guidance for either or other worthwhile visits?

8. Anyone interested in meeting up whilst we're over to share experiences?
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Postby Dave » Sun 15 Jun 2008 12:23


Please ask your questions on the relevant information boards - that way, any replies you get will be easier to find (and thus of more use) for anyone coming afterwards who wants to ask the same things.

Question 8 would be OK on the Making New Friends/Socialising board, but the rest really belong elsewhere. Thanks.
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