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Postby Blondie » Sun 04 Jan 2009 15:29

Hi everyone. have been reading posts on here for a few days now so thought it was time i contributed!
A couple of questions - what is the 90 day letters i have read about?
and this new waiting list of 6-12 months, is this from start to finish?
so if i apply today will i be in canada by this time next year? :lol:
I have filled in a few of the online forms and we have got more than enough points, but we need to have a job offer in place first??
So can we go out on a work visa and apply for PR when we get there?
( our friends went to Australia about 18 months ago on a temporary residents visa and applyed for permanant once they go there. We unfortunatly cannot get into Australia because they dont want teachers!)

would this be the quickest/easiest route in for us as i dont want to have to wait the 4 years people are quoting on here. We want to move before our 9 year old reaches secondary school.
I have also read on here that if you turn up with a tempory work visa you have to satisfy imigration that you intend to leave the country. Well this would not be the case if you intent to apply for PR and all your belongings are in a container following you out!!
Lots of questions i know and i appologize if anything is posted in the wrong place - :lol: :lol:
One last question - how do we find teaching jobs without going out there - or do we need to go over for a few weeks?
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Postby Dave » Sun 04 Jan 2009 15:50

Blondie, you've asked several different questions there, as you say.

Please have a good look through the postings on the Immigration boards - you'll find that many of your questions have already been answered there. (The search facility just above the "Please read our guidelines" notice is quite helpful.) If any of them haven't, then feel free to ask them again - but no more than one subject per posting, please, so that the information is easy to locate for people coming later (as explained in the posting guidelines).

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