Immigration Advice

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Immigration Advice

Postby sterion75 » Sun 12 Jul 2009 17:05

I am thinking of emigrating to Canada from the UK however I have a few questions I'm hoping someone will be able to answer for me

1) On the work experience section I would like a bit of advice. For 3 years I worked as a web developer/programmer/system admin in a single role. For a further 2 years I was promoted to assistant IT manager whilst still carrying on my previous role. Can I, and would it be best to list my profession as web developer/systems admin for 5 years to maximise my points score?

2) Do you have to gain employment within your qualified role or could you can you gain employment in any role?

3) At what points do you need to show the proof of funds? Mine will most likely come via drawing on a credit card. Not ideal but I can do it easily(it allows me to draw to my bank account without incurring cash advance fees)

4) If I am accepted can I list my address as a friends to have my work permit sent to that address so I do not need to be in the country permanently until I have a job?

5) Is it best to hire an immigration firm to help with the process or is this a waste of money?

6) Will my UK pension be affected in any way?

Any help would be appreciated I am looking to start selling things up shortly to help with paying off bills. If I can use my role for 5 years experience I will be scoring approx 74

Thanks in advance

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Postby Dave » Sun 12 Jul 2009 17:34

Hi, and welcome :)

Phew! Plenty of questions there. Some of them have already been answered on the Immigration board - you should be able to find the answers with just a little bit of digging.

If you don't find the answers to your specific questions, then please feel free to post them again on the appropriate board. But please, no more than one question per topic. As we explain in the guidelines, it helps others to find the information more quickly if everyone sticks to one topic per question and one question per topic.

Thanks. ;)
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