Where do we start with the process!

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Where do we start with the process!

Postby slummymummy78 » Thu 26 Nov 2009 15:55

Hi, excuse me if this is the incorrect place to post, but i need to start somewhere.

My family and I are hoping to move to Canada. We havnet yet started the process and I am just looking for some advice/guidance in particular to occupations. Briefly, I work as a account manager for a financial serivices company and my husband was working as a street lighting engineer. I am currenlty on maternity leave and was wondering if now was the time to think about swapping occupations to help with our chances of being accepted. I was thinking of looking at nursing or something along those lines. I am not sure if it will help our app at all, as my husbands sister lives in Vancouver and we have already had a years work visa. Also, is it worth paying £1000's for an immigration lawyer to assist us? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks :lol:
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Postby jessica » Thu 26 Nov 2009 17:45

my post here provides some good sources to help with occupations - also to check your elegibility - you can play about to see which occupations give you more points.

http://www.britishexpat.com/expatforum/ ... ght=#46950

You need to do a ton of reading around here - there's been a lot of recent posts about immigration consultations, use the "search" button above.

we have already had a years work visa

What do you mean by this? Have you already found employment here? You may also be able to look at family sponsorship with that close relative.
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Postby Dave » Thu 26 Nov 2009 17:55

Hi, and welcome.

You've raised quite a few questions there - naturally, since you're at the start of the process. You'll find them easier to handle (and you'll get answers to them more quickly) if you break down your mass of questions into individual questions and deal with them one at a time.

Having done that, think about where the best place is to post your various questions, based on the individual board descriptions. Questions about what the work situation in Canada is like for various trades and professions really belong on the Working in Canada board rather than the Immigration board.

It's also worth reading what's already gone before. For instance, several people have already asked whether it's worth paying for the help of an immigration lawyer or consultant.

Hope it all works out for you. I'm shifting this to the Jumble Sale, simply because there are several questions in the same topic and it'll be too difficult to try to separate out all the answers. Please do post your individual questions - on the right boards, of course.

Dave :)
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