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The true expat experience in Spain - interview request

We get a lot of requests from journos wanting to interview expats so here's the place to do it. Please, everyone, have a look and see if you can help. (This is for Spain-specific requests only - general requests belong on the main BE Forum. Press releases/adverts will be deleted, so please don't waste our time. Thanks.)

Are British expats abandoning Spain?

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The true expat experience in Spain - interview request

Postby JLWaddell » Thu 8 May 2014 11:37 GMT

Hello expats in Spain,

I'm a writer in the expat lifestyle sector and I've recently been reading a lot of negative press about the experiences of British expats in Spain. Headlines like "Brits leave Spain in droves" and "Our €250,000 Spanish villa sold for just €87,000" are popping up everywhere.

I suspect this to be scaremongering journalism and I'm looking to get a more balanced view of what's going on with Brits in Spain.

If any UK expats in Spain would be wiling to share their side of the story I'd be very appreciative.

Hope to hear from you soon,

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