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New to Azerbaijan - advice greatly appreciated please!

New to Azerbaijan - advice greatly appreciated please!

Postby brommers79 » Tue 26 Jul 2011 07:01 GMT

Hi there,

I am not sure if these posts for Azerbaijan are looked at by anyone as replies to other posts seem a little thin on the ground, but hey-ho, someone out there may have some information for me.

I will be working out in Azerbaijan for a few months with my colleague conducting a report on the oil and gas industry. We are both business journalists (funnily enough) and will be based in Baku.

We need to find a place to live, of course. So, would anyone know what part of Baku is best to be located? We would like something that is relatively central so that we can get to meetings easily (unless there is no real heart to the CBD as everything is spread out) and of course, near to the bars and restos, etc.

In addition to the above, since my colleague and I are new to Azerbaijan we would be very grateful for some insights to the country and to the city...such as dress (i.e. is it acceptable to wear westernised clothing), beach attire, beach quality, nightlife, restaurants, dos and don'ts, etc


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Postby Dave » Tue 26 Jul 2011 08:43 GMT

Hi, and welcome.

I've edited your post a little - as our posting guidelines make clear, we don't allow advertising (including "Wanted" adverts) except on the boards where it's specifically allowed.

I've also removed your email address, for two reasons. One is that the spammers and email address harvesters do pick up email addresses posted here, so any requests not to be bombarded with spam or junk mail are likely to be in vain. The other is that it's tedious for people providing information on these boards to have to do it for each individual, when it's information that is likely to be of value to many readers and there's no particular reason for privacy.

Hope you get at least some of the information you're looking for soon, anyway. Good luck!
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