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Money Matters


No, really... it does! But does it matter more in Bulgaria than at home? NO ADVERTISING - financial services adverts belong in our classifieds section. Get-rich-quick schemes belong in the trash. (Property related issues should go in the Housing/Property forum.)


Postby colette wagstaff » Sat 28 Apr 2007 09:01 GMT

hi, if i come to live in bulgaria from england, can anyone advise me on the tax situation?
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colette wagstaff
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Postby Dave » Sat 28 Apr 2007 09:33 GMT

I've shifted this from the Residency/Immigration board as tax issues are money matters.

Colette, I think you'll need to give people a bit more information about your own personal circumstances if you're expecting them to give you advice here. Otherwise, about the best advice you can expect from them is to consult a financial adviser who knows about tax law in both the UK and Bulgaria.

I see you've already posted with a bit more detail (although the title - "Newbee needs help" - doesn't give anyone a clue as to what it is you want. Have you really read our guidelines?) so I'm locking this topic.
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