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Money Matters

NIL Tax Return

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NIL Tax Return

Postby sks » Fri 13 Feb 2009 01:08 GMT

Hi, i just wondered if anyone has managed to do their annual company tax forms themselves?? (with the help of a Bulgarian friend?).
I have just purchased a property last month and the estate agent that i bought it from has recently messaged me claiming that it would cost 230 euro to have them arrange for an accountant to do it. Thinking that this costs too much..........considering it is only a holiday home and has NIL returns i have been looking around on the internet and came across an article that claims that lots of companies are charging the British way too high for something that anyone Bulgarian could fill in and that takes just 10 mins!!!! After reading this i contacted the NRA myself and they have emailed me the forms to fill in (which i am planning to do with a little help from a Bulgarian!), they have given me the address to return it to and she said that as my company is not earning and i have nil return, it is quite straightforward and there is no fee!!!

Is it really that simple????
Please, if anyone knows anything they think I should know, or, has done it themselves before, please let me know.


[sks, thanks for posting this useful info, however, it would be appreciated if you would please read THIS before making any further postings. I have edited your original posting to bring it into line with our guidelines. Site Admin]
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