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bulstat taxes

No, really... it does! But does it matter more in Bulgaria than at home? NO ADVERTISING - financial services adverts belong in our classifieds section. Get-rich-quick schemes belong in the trash. (Property related issues should go in the Housing/Property forum.)

bulstat taxes

Postby charlie11 » Sat 16 Jan 2010 20:44 GMT

I really need help with this, I have had an apartment in Bulgaria for 5 year, we were never told about the bulstat or the tax we had to pay, we found out from friends of ours. The problem is we did not receive a bulstat card or number from our solicitor, or the company we bought it from, we had loads of problems with the company, who decided to try and manage the apartments themselves, they made a right mess of it and aparantly they were not even paying our electric and water! anyway this has all been sorted by another company that took over (at a cost I must say) I approached the company I bought it off and asked them about the bulstat, they did not want any thing to do with us, they have either missplaced the bulstat card or they never even got one for us. We need this sorted out I know we will have back money to pay. What I would like to know is if we go to the municiple building in Nessebar with our deeds will this be efficient for us to be able to pay our bulstat taxes, and will they be able to understand what we want?Sorry this is so long winded I just wanted to give all the details.
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What to do when we have not registered the property

Postby sheenbg » Mon 18 Jan 2010 10:37 GMT

Dear Charlie

It seems you are heading the right direction and do not panic that your property is not registered in the municipality under your name so long as you have the original title deed and you are the rightfull owner everything can be sorted out.

The steps to follow
1) Visit the municipality where you have the property
2) Enquire with the department who is the owner now and that you need to register this in your name
3) Nesebar does not have a Bulstat office and you need to go to Burgas to get one
4) I would rather get the bulstat first and then go to nesebar so this should really be step 1
5) Once you register in the municipality you will have to pay the taxes if no one paid for it during the last year
6) The taxes are 0.2% max on the property value declared on the title deed or in the case the municipality value is here then it will calculated on the higher value.
7) Once all is done you can thank me if everything goes as i have written above.
8) Please not that the munipality may charge you an interest and this can be heavy
9) You need to be very polity and do not get upset if nothing happens the first day. The people at the back of the counter are also humans and may be they are having a bad day in their life
Best of luck and looking forward to your end result
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