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Cost of living in bulgaria

No, really... it does! But does it matter more in Bulgaria than at home? NO ADVERTISING - financial services adverts belong in our classifieds section. Get-rich-quick schemes belong in the trash. (Property related issues should go in the Housing/Property forum.)

Cost of living in bulgaria

Postby chris123 » Fri 7 Jan 2011 19:10 GMT

Hi all.

Can some-one please tell me the actual cost of living in Bulgaria (Sandanski). I have read many articles all of which appear conflicting. My wife and i are retired and have joint pensions of approx 2500/2600 lv a month. Just how good is this for normal living. We dont have an expensive lifestyle and certainly not into clubbing, drink etc. But we do like to cook good food.

Many thanks
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Postby clairegiles » Sat 15 Sep 2012 12:51 GMT

Hi Chris,

Did u ever find your answer to this, or just thrown yourself into living in Bulgaria and finding out the hard way. I'm assuming that this was enough from what i have been reading. Let us know :)


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