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Bulgaria - Jumble Sale

Retiring to Bulgaria

This forum is for all the jumbled up info about Bulgaria. We've asked that, on the info forums, you please post on the relevant forums, start new threads for new topics, and please keep on topic. Otherwise the info is too hard too find for those coming after, and the already overworked Mods end up having to repeatedly answer the same questions. (If your posting is locked in here, please feel free to post again in the appropriate place.)

Retiring to Bulgaria

Postby dezzza » Sat 6 Jun 2015 17:56 GMT

Hi, I will shortly retire and after many great holidays in Bulgaria, I have decided to try to retire here. I am single male and do not have a problem with moving here alone, but I do need some answers, if anyone can help.
Will my pension be taxed, I will receive approx 2000 euros a month.
I have the choice of selling my house or renting it out: will I be better with an income coming in or will I pay less tax bringing a lump sum with me.
I will be able to purchase a property up to about 80,000 euros, although I could go higher with the right property. Am I best to buy through the on line estate agents or use a local one to where I want to stay?
Will my driving license be transferable, or will I need to take a new test?
Ok this is all for now.
Thank you for any help you can give me.
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Re: Retiring to Bulgaria

Postby Dave » Sat 6 Jun 2015 20:15 GMT

Hi, Dezzza, and welcome.

You've asked a lot of questions there! That's only natural if you're contemplating such a big step. Could you please do us a favour and post them separately, on the relevant forums? That way, the answers will be readily available for others in a similar situation to find in future.

Before you do post, though, please do have a look at what's already been posted - it may be that some of your questions have already been answered. Thanks!

Meanwhile I'm locking this topic to avoid a multi-touch discussion. I'm also shifting it from the Residency/Immigration forum as none of the questions are about the immigration process.
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