Not long 'til the big move and loads of questions!

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Not long 'til the big move and loads of questions!

Postby Katastrofee » Thu 13 Jul 2006 10:52

We're on the final countdown to the big move to our properties in Cherni Vrah, Bourgas.

I wondered whether anyone who has made the move already could advise a rough cost of the initial couple of months.

Basically, we need our water and electric turned on, phone connected and hopefully broadband, probably need to register rubbish collection or something like that. How much does all this start up cost?

Then we want to buy a cooker and a fridge. Are they like UK prices or lower?

Does anyone know how much a surveyor or architect hires? We are splitting some of our land and need someone official to OK the plans.

Are building materials quite low costing?

Also, we could do with a second hand truck, soes anyone know what we should expect to pay??

We're just trying to put together a rough price plan!
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Postby Quest Bulgaria » Thu 13 Jul 2006 11:29

Hi Kat

Wow, lots of questions !! I'll try and help as best I can and what I don't know, I'll try and find answers for you. Here goes :

Water and electric - this depends upon whether you want it in your own name. Did the agent say they would include this in their service? Might be worth finding out as it's just a drag to do and they do tend to charge a fair bit to foreigners who want this doing.

Broadband - where in BG did you buy? I can find out if it is available for you. The other alternative if it is not available is satellite and cable...

White goods - our readers tell us that on average white goods are about a third of the cost of the UK

Building materials - do you know what you require?

Second hand vehicles - they tend to be quite expensive in BG (after all it wasn't so long ago you had to wait years to get a phone connection). What are you after?

Catch you soon
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Postby Kay » Fri 14 Jul 2006 11:57

Hi Kat

I hope your move goes well and I'm not surprised you have lots of questions, but please help us keep this place running as it should, to make things easier for anyone else looking for similar info.

Please post on the correct boards. Buying a car/truck belongs on the Driving/Motoring board, building materials on the Housing/Property board, and Internet connections on the ICT and electricals board, etc.

It took us ages to separate out all the info in the first place so please do your bit to help us keep it this way.


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