Your all very quiet?

This forum is for all the jumbled up info about Bulgaria. We've asked that, on the info forums, you please post on the relevant forums, start new threads for new topics, and please keep on topic. Otherwise the info is too hard too find for those coming after, and the already overworked Mods end up having to repeatedly answer the same questions. (If your posting is locked in here, please feel free to post again in the appropriate place.)

Your all very quiet?

Postby Hindsight » Thu 24 Aug 2006 16:10

Mike again, either your all back in the UK at the moment or your all shy. Anyway, can any one recommend the best way to bank I'm looking at offshore accounts at the moment and i'll probably get stiffed on transfer charges to Bulgaria. If I open an account in Bulgaria (local) do they opperate debit cards and cheque books with the accounts? or am I a bit hopefull?. I also would like to know if anyone has had any dealings with security companies (intruder alarms/cctv) I run my own business in the UK doing just that, what is the call for this type of work? is it worth me setting up in Bulgaria?
See you all soon,
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Postby Kay » Thu 24 Aug 2006 19:45

Hi Mike

Please take a little time to read our guidelines as it makes things easier for us to keep the place organised, and for people coming afterwards to find the info they need.

"The Rose" is for socialising, not asking a heap of questions all in one thread. If you genuinely want answers then ask your banking question on the "Money Matters" board, your work-related question on the "Working in..." board, etc. People looking for the same info later won't be able to find it if it's all jumbled up.

And BTW, posting to say the forum is quiet isn't going to encourage anyone to post.

Help us to help you.

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