where to buy

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where to buy

Postby kjpollard » Tue 13 Feb 2007 16:35

I all ?
newby here, Been to bulgaria (sunny beach) about 7 times it's changing every year .I Have not been back since 2004.
Just about to buy off plan 20min from (sunny beach) not ready untill october 2008
it's only a studio apart around 15 square metres being quoted by the company
£2000 to £3000 pounds to furnish I think that is very exspensive can any one tell me where to buy a bed & electrical items ect. if you can help i be very greatfull :roll:

please help

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Postby Kay » Tue 13 Feb 2007 17:08

Hi Kevin

Good luck with your plans but you've got an awful jumble of questions in here. Try asking about electrical stuff on the ICT/electrical board, furnishing a property on the housing/property board and introducing yourself on the socialising board - otherwise we'd end up with a great mish-mash of info on this "Other" board.



(Now moving this to the Jumble Sale board.)
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