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The Netherlands

Tax in the Netherlands

Tax in the Netherlands

Postby guinness » Wed 17 May 2006 07:41 GMT

Hello, I am moving to Den Haag from the UK and wondered if anyone can help me on a few questions:- :?:

How much tax I will pay.
Is it easy to open a bank account
Will I find reasonable accommodation with £100 per day
price of Guinness (very important!!!)

Thanks for your help

Guinness :D
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Postby furkew » Tue 27 Jun 2006 18:30 GMT

Hi Guiness,

I've lived here for 19 years now, and at the moment I live just on the edge of the Hague next to Delft.

The tax over here is about 42% if i'm correct. Pretty high, but at the end of the year, you send in your tax returns, and you always get something worthwile back.

Depending on your work, there are always ways of getting perks from your boss that are not taxed. i.e. travel expenses, health care, general expenses etc.

Rental can vary, but if you are looking for something fairly basic, you should be able to find something for about €140.00 per week. I am not particularly aufait with the rental market, but it's not cheap, but if you look around, you will always find something somewhere.

Opening a bank account is easy. Passport, proof of address (I think) and maybe a drivers license as well to be sure. Maybe handy to remember, after 3 months don't forget to apply for a Dutch drivers license. No test involved, but if they stop you (like me once) they make you leave the car, and walk home.

Dont know about guiness cos its been quite a while since I drank one over here, but I don't think it is any dearer than the UK (south) It will be dear compared to Dutch beers, but you can find British & Irish pubs throughout Den Haag that sell Guiness (O'caseys, The Kangarooos)

What are you planning on doing in Holland ?
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