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The Netherlands

Advice on job options and economy state in the Netherlands

Advice on job options and economy state in the Netherlands

Postby Rodge » Sat 14 Jul 2012 18:00 GMT

Hi I recently visited the Netherlands and liked the the place so much I am really considering moving there as my life right now isn't really going anywhere and I feel like it would be an exciting adventure and actually feel the way of life over there would suit me better than in England.
My question is, is it a good idea as I am not the most qualified person I have lots of experience in retail sales and customer service and I am willing to do pretty much any manual labour as money is money and I can always look for something better as long as the cash is coming in. The reason I ask is I see lots of foreign people from places like Poland ect come to England to work and they end up filling labour jobs, jobs which a person with only GCSE's like me would apply for (although my GCSE's weren't bad B,B,C,C,C) but what I've seen so far it seems like they mostly encourage people with degrees and such over so would I have trouble getting unqualified jobs over Dutch people. Also how does the Dutch economy stack up to the rest of Europe it seems ok but I'm not an expert I just don't want to move to a country which is about to go bankrupt.
Many thanks to all that reply.
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