New WordPress blog spam technique

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New WordPress blog spam technique

Postby Dave » Sat 09 Apr 2011 13:53

Not Delia has just received seven comments in the space of a few hours.

All of them were completely pointless - variations on a bland "I like what you say" theme. The IPs were all different. And the URLs were all either Bing or Google - presumably the idea is to get permanent approval on the back of a bland comment and then let rip with a different URL thereafter.

So far, so mundane. However, the thing that marked these comments out was that they all started with a six-character random alphanumeric string.

My guess is that this is some kind of ploy to confound Akismet - in that respect it looks very similar to the inclusion of a few random punctuation marks at the end of a comment, which has certainly been quite a common feature of would-be spammers' comments up until recently.
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Postby ruggie » Sat 09 Apr 2011 18:12

Sounds reasonable. Recently, I've had e-mail notifications of empio comments with a wink emoticon as the IP address - and when I go to the site I find the comment doesn't exist. Some artefact of a discarded comment?
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